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Budi Utama Cruise boat are primarily designed to meet your happiness requirement. All the room are placed exactly in a perfect place so you can enjoy the view while taking a rest. Traditional Phinisi is what this boat called. Spacious cabin, sundeck, and all part of the boat which is designed perfectly to discover the amazing islands of Komodo national Park.

Budi Utama Cruise boat provides the truely luxury for a family trips or a group charter, even for honeymoon. Our charter packages include meals and drinks and daily excursions to remote beaches and reefs for snorkeling or trekking.

Budi Utama Cruise boat takes you to Komodo National Park. There you can discover the world famous Komodo dragons in their natural habitat. You have time enough for snorkelling into crystal clear water around Komodo island with one of the worlds richest underwater wildlife. Enjoy amazing coral reefs and over 1000 species there. Discover also wonderful flora and fauna on the islands of Komodo and Rinca. Booking Now Via WhatsApp!