Bali as the most island to visit in the world, has various place of interest from the top of the mountain to the bottom of it sea. Snorkeling in Bali also became a favorite thing to do. Nusa Penida Island lately became famous among tourist because of it fascinating coral view. One of the most famous attractions in Nusa Penida is the opportunity to swim with Manta Ray.

Manta Rays fish is one of the majestic creatures of the ocean. Some of the travelers call them “sea Angels” as their exotic dance are adorable. They eat large quantities of zooplankton which they gather with their open rectangular mouths as they swim by the wing like movements of their pectoral fins. They are filter feeder which feed on plankton and crustaceans. They chew their food with non- sharp small teeth. Manta Rays do not have a poisonous tail stinger and there’s nothing to worry about. However, its enormous size can be quite intimidating. They can grow up to 23 ft and weight about 6600 lbs. Swim with Manta become one of the most popular attractions for snorkeling or scuba diving because these gentle giants swim slow and elegantly. They also enjoy interacting with humans.

Manta Rays can be found in warm temperature, sub-tropical and tropical water like in Indonesia. One of the most popular locations to swim with this beautiful creature located at the off coast of mainland Bali Indonesia, called Nusa Penida Island. There also specific destination for tourists to see them while snorkeling. Manta point or Manta Bay on Nusa Penida become very popular these days.

To explore snorkeling spot between Bali and Nusa Penida, avoid coming from December until March which is a wet season for Indonesia. Thus, the best season to see these free wild animals is between May and November which is a dry and bright sunshine season. During that time, snorkeling in the morning is the best time to see Manta Rays fish.

If you are lucky, you can easily see the manta from above the water while you sail through this area. In Bali, there is no specific Manta Season. These majestic creatures present all year because the water around Bali and Nusa Penida technically have a massive stream or we call it water volume from Timor. This is because the water flow comes from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean. This is the reason why Manta can be spotted all year round here in Indonesia. Especially around Bali and Nusa Penida area.