Bali, Indonesia offers a first-class journey for world traveler. Also known as the Land of God, Bali appeals through its natural beauty. Volcanoes, temple, rice field, ceremonies, culture, arts, craft, luxurious beach, waterfall, surfing, sailing, wave, and nightlife. Cover about Land of God, there is one of the most impressive show of Mother Nature’s located in Nusa Lembongan island at southeast of Bali, Indonesia.

“Devil’s Tear” designation for a large widespread mist from enormous waves that continuously smashing against the rocky cove then creating unexpected massive ocean spray and falling back into the sea. Intense frightening parade of the raw and unforgiving power of nature. From the distance, you will see the draining effect of the water falling back into the ocean and appearing as if the rocks are literally crying after the waves finish crashing. Located on the South East side of Nusa Lembongan Island, this marvelous spot become one of the main attractions.  Devil’s Tears also one of the best sunset spots on the island that has epic landscape.

It is very common for the tourist to stand close on the rocks and capture a perfect moment of the waves. Devil’s Tear is relatively saved as long as you are a wide awake and extremely cautious for the giant wave that crashing nearby you. Although it saves to pose there, some people get knocked on their back by the wave after posing too close to the danger zone. Therefore, we need to be very careful if we would like to stand on the edge before you regret your decision.

Traveler usually go to this island by boat. Sailing from Sanur (Bali) to this island will give you the most amazing memories. It only takes a few hours to get there from Bali. Traveler can spend a day or more to explore this island, but if you only want to see this spot, one day enough.

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